Happy kids, Happy you!

Much has been written about raising smart and successful kids and for this blog post, I would like to focus on raising happy kids. Of course, I would want my kids to be smart and successful when they grow up but, I also want them to become happy, healthy and resilient adults. Parents should see to it that their kids will be able to develop happy, productive, and fulfilling adult lives and not just have good grades and high scores.

We all want our little kids to be happy but sometimes we just don’t know how to make it happen.  I have compiled some tips put together by experienced parents and different parenting organizations and websites below.

Be happy first. What is the secret to happy kids? Be happy first. I believe happiness starts and should start with parents at home. How can you raise happy kids if you’re not happy yourself or the kids don’t feel happy at home? A parent’s stress as well as problems at home negatively affects kids, hurting them from the inside out. You might want to rein in the tension at home if you want to raise happy kids.

Give them one-on-one time. It’s never too early to give your child one-on-one time whether he or she is 20-months old or is starting school. Your child will benefit from your time and attention and needs to know whether he or she is worthwhile, valuable, and fun to be with. You definitely don’t want your child to grow apart from you, so make the choice to give your child one-on-one attention every day. This can be something as simple as playing pretend games, doing easy art projects, taking them to their favorite hangout, etc. Spend time with your kid and be willing to put away distractions.

Help them build relationships. To raise happy and successful children, it pays to teach them good manners and people skills. Teach your child as early as possible how to relate to other people. You can start by encouraging them to perform small acts of kindness to develop empathy or say “thank you” to build a sense of gratitude. This will not only help your child create a good relationship with people but also become a better and happier person growing up.

Teach them to eat healthy. Health is wealth and good health leads to happiness. Teach your child how to eat right. Fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food options along with an understanding of a balanced diet and portion control will be the best way to begin a healthy regimen for your child.  Encourage your child to eat a variety of healthy foods every day.

Encourage outdoor activity. Let your child run on grass, climb trees, sit on a swing, and dig in the dirt. Take him or her to the beach, on a hike, or fishing trip. It will make your child happy and at the same time, help them improve their social skills, learn lifesaving skills, and develop a love for the outdoors. You can also encourage your child to read a book outside, help you with your gardening, or do their homework on the porch.

It doesn’t take a lot to keep your little child happy. All you need to do is set a positive example and be there for your child when he or she needs your time, attention and love.  

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